The Firm

The Alexandre Aragão Advogados law firm was created based on Alexandre Santos de Aragão’s experience, extending over two decades, as partner in law firms, as State Attorney in Rio de Janeiro and as a professor of graduation and post graduation courses. With him, he has a team with the same level of technical accuracy and practice in their areas.

Alexandre Aragão Advogados specializes in Administrative, Regulatory and Infrastructure Law, also having knowledge of the most general legal aspects, such as General Theory of Law, Constitutional Law, and General Theory of Obligations and Contracts.

He also focuses on Administrative Law, above all its regulatory nuances, and its bonds with the economy and the technical characteristics of each industry. Current Public Law, focused on efficiency, results-driven Administrative Law, also requires this type of operation.

Whether in consulting or litigious matters, the law firm is always based on theoretical and case law knowledge, focused on the results to be achieved when solving problems.